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What Is The Hay Diet?

It was introduced in the 1930s by a Dr. William Hay, who became so ill himself with high blood pressure plus serious heart and kidney disease that he was not expected to live. In desperation he turned to the work of the naturopaths and made an astonishing recovery – just by eating naturally – and he lost fifty pounds of excess weight into the bargain!

Dr. Hay was a medical man, yet he nearly lost his life because initially he failed to see the link between diet and disease. He saw it before it was too late. Few people do.

The Hay diet works on the ancient principle that given the right conditions, the body will heal itself. All we have to do is give it the raw material to do the job and take away everything which hinders its work. That means a completely natural whole food diet with at least fifty percent fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. Highly processed foods like white flour and sugar have to go because they block the healing process.

This is also a Food Combining diet – concentrated proteins like meat and cheese are taken at separate meals from carbohydrates like bread and potatoes – and I did find it difficult to work out exactly what to do from all the books. I could see it was time someone wrote ‘The Hay Diet Made Easy’. When I came to teach it I was astonished at the rapid and powerful relief it can bring. I have witnessed some remarkable recoveries.

I was not surprised to find that, like me, nine out of ten people on every Hay diet course were suffering to some extent from medically unrecognised illness, and most had no idea why they felt unwell. Treatment is safe and simple and it works fast.

The Hay Diet Made Easy

I spent two years researching my first book, and another two years writing it. The Hay Diet Made Easy was finally published in 1997.

Food combining has become the hallmark of the Hay diet in recent years but this was an idea which Dr. Hay adopted long after his recovery. The diet actually consists of two separate principles, and the most important thing is to avoid highly processed food and gradually change over to a completely natural diet.

This is a practical guide for busy people. Everything is simplified and all the meals are worked out ready. If you have ever attempted to follow the Hay diet you will know that it consists of a few basic ideas which can sometimes be difficult to put into practice.

In the Hay Diet Made Easy you will find:

  • Starch and protein menus ready combined using ordinary foods
  • Everything is worked out right down to the sandwiches and the lunch boxes
  • Separate lists of starch and protein breakfasts, snacks and quick and easy meals
  • How to change over to a natural diet
  • How to prepare natural food, with recipes
  • Short and simple explanations with diagrams at every stage
  • How to adapt the diet to your individual needs
  • I also offer help with any problems you may encounter.

If you diet to lose weight, your health will steadily improve. If you diet to improve your health, you will gradually lose weight if you need to. The benefits often happen within days, and they can be surprising. I have found that around one in ten Hay dieters achieves quite spectacular results. There are plenty of case histories in the book.

Tried the Hay Diet and still having problems?

Gradually incorporate more fresh fruit, raw vegetables and salad into your diet, up to at least 75%.

It will enable you to slim a lot faster and in the healthiest possible way.
It will further accelerate natural healing
It can be done in many delicious ways!

My second book Get Well with the Hay Diet should answer many of your questions. I wrote it for those people who find they are still unwell despite being on the Hay Diet. It goes into much greater detail.

Get Well With The Hay Diet

The Hay diet is super-nutrition, a nature cure, and you are on the mend from the moment you begin it. It can help most illnesses because it puts the body in a position to heal itself. Natural food is the raw material it needs to put itself right. Mystery illness can therefore benefit as much as any other. Problems which baffle medical minds do not so easily defeat the wisdom of the body.

I dedicate this book:

To those whose many genuine complaints are being dismissed as ‘all in the mind’. They may well be suffering from the current epidemic of medically unrecognised illness, unaware that simple and effective treatment exists.

  • To those who do not think of themselves as ill but would like to feel better
  • To slimmers who cannot lose weight however little they eat
  • To anyone who feels constantly ill and cannot find out why
  • To anyone with unexplained mental and nervous problems which do not entirely respond to conventional medicine
  • To anyone wishing to reduce their dependence on prescribed drugs
  • To those with any problem at all which conventional medicine feels you have to live with
  • And to those who have tried both conventional and complementary medicine, but whose problems stubbornly persist

A sick person is seldom asked exactly what he is eating and drinking. Anyone who does ask, as I do, receives some surprising replies and it becomes immediately obvious why that person is ill. So here is a simple introduction to what you can achieve by changing your diet. It is based on an understanding of how the body works and how we can work with it to assist our own recovery. There is so much more you can do for yourself if you are willing to work hard on your diet.

Tried the Hay diet and still feel unwell?

There is also information on mercury amalgam dental fillings. They are the most common kind, and could be causing your illness. The mercury can cause any problem in the book!

Can The Hay Diet Help You?

The books contain help and advice for:

  • Low blood sugar, candida, food intolerance, chronic fatigue and M.E.
  • Allergic children and any who are mysteriously unwell
  • Unexplained mental and nervous problems of all kinds
    – food cravings – chocoholics – problem slimmers
  • Anyone who wants to gain weight
  • Those wishing to reduce the risk of serious illness, of cancer or of heart attacks

These conditions also respond particularly well to the Hay diet:

  • Migraine, asthma, eczema, acne, joint pains and arthritis, maturity onset diabetes,
  • Chronic pain of all kinds
  • Indigestion, heartburn, gastric and duodenal ulcers, hiatus hernia, constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel, gall bladder pain
  • Stomach, bowel and digestive problems of all kinds can be substantially relieved by food combining.

My Story

Having been mysteriously tired all my life, I became increasingly exhausted, especially after the children were born. I accumulated an endless list of mental and physical symptoms – yet no-one could find anything wrong with me! Nothing the doctor knew, and nothing I had ever learned myself as a health visitor could help. I somehow struggled through the day for the next ten years, and like so many others in this situation I took antidepressants and got hooked.

Then from my own reading I discovered the answers: they were straightforward and they lay in my diet. Attention to the diet could have avoided the need for drugs. I discovered so many things I could do to help myself that I’ve never run out of ideas, and the answers I found are in my book. I’ve put as much help as possible on every page.

My recovery began when I discovered the Hay diet in 1988. It is my lifeline; I dare not depart from it. It has taken me several years to rebuild my health the natural way, but very gradually I was able to reduce the drugs, and now most of the symptoms have gone. Unbelievably, these days I only need about six or seven hours sleep, not ten or twelve any more!

I hope you enjoy the books, that you find all the information as interesting and as exciting as I have, and that it will change your life as it has changed mine.

Have you a success story to tell about the Hay Diet? If so, I would love to hear about it.

Jackie Habgood can be contacted at jackie.habgood@googlemail.com.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing using kinesiology for foods, inhalants, metals and other others is available (for a donation).

Where To Buy


Both titles are stocked by most high street bookshops, large and small. If you don’t see it on the shelf, you can ask them to order it for you.

It can also be bought from the major online bookshops at a discount, including Amazon UK and eBay.

The UK publishers are Souvenir Press. They can be reached at:

Souvenir Press Ltd.
43 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3PA

Telephone (020) 7580 9307

Their email address is souvenirpress@ukonline.co.uk


Again, the book can be bought from most high street bookstores, and from Amazon.

If you still can’t get hold of it, the American distributor is:

Independent Publishing Group
814 North Franklin Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Their free phone number for orders is (800) 888-4741.

In case of difficulty, the ISBN for the English edition (the same in the UK and the US) is ISBN 0-285-63379-1.

International Translations

Dutch (Nederlands)

Published as Het Juiste Combinatie Dieet by Jackie Hapgood (note misspelling)
1997, De Kern Baarn
ISBN 90-325-608-0

Spanish (Español)

Published as Alimentos Incompatibles
1998, Editorial Edaf
ISBN 84-414-04747

Slovene (Slovensko)

Published as Zdravo Kombiniranje Hrane – Osnove Hayeve Diete
2000, Zalozba Mladinska knija Ljubljana
ISBN 86-11-15607-2

Reprinted 2009

German (Deutsch)

Published as Hay´sche Trennkost – leicht gemacht
2000, Goldmann-Verlag
ISBN 3-442-16285-8


Published as Dieta Doktora Hay
1999, Eksmo ( P.O.Box 8, 123298 Moscow, Russia)
ISBN 5-04-004842-4

Get Well With The Hay Diet is also published by Eksmo

French (Français)

Published as La Méthode Hay pour Tous – La Régime Dissocié Simplifié
1999, Jean Claude Lattès
ISBN 2-7096-1953-9

Danish (Dansk)

Published as Sund og Slank med Hay Diæten
1999, Aschehoug Dansk Forlag
ISBN 87-11-12738-4

Italian (Italiano)

Published as Guida alle Combinazione Alimentari – La Dieta Hay: Un metodo facile per tutti
2000, Macro Edizione
ISBN 88-7057-104-7

Estonian (Eesti)

Published as Doktor Hay dieet
2001, Ersen (63 Tartu Road, Talinn EE 0001, Estonia)
ISBN 99-8576-079-4


Bulgarian first published 2009
Serbian first published 2009
Croat first published 2009